‘The art market: Censorship in the Gulf’

“Meanwhile at the Bastakiya fringe fair, the authorities asked to see digital images of all the works before the event started, and another Iranian artist, Laudi Abilama, was asked not to show portraits of the former Shah and the Ayatollah Khomeini, from her “Arab Heroes” series.” -  By Georgina Adam Published for The Financial Times and The Art Newspaper.

(a retraction was later published from ‘Iranian’ to ‘Lebanese’)


Published March 20th 2010

Published July 7th 2007

The Daily Star

‘Arab Celebrity gets the pop star, Warhol treatment’

“These and other bits of salacious lore form the back-story to "Arabian Pop," Abilama's exhibition of 20 bold, beautiful portraits, on view through the end of this month at Art Lounge. The paintings of Abaza, Sabah and Karioka hang among pictures of Umm Kulthoum, Mohammad Abdel-Wahab, Abdel-Halim Hafez, Mirvat Amine, Farid Atrash, Faten Hamama, Omar Sherif, Fairouz, Asmahan and more, all legends of Arabic song and screen.”  - Kaelen Wilson-Goldie for The Daily Star, Lebanon


laudi abilama © 2017

‘Artist Laudi Abilama immortalizes Singapore’s Lee Kuan Yew in print’

- Euronews

‘Singapore after Lee Kuan Yew’ - Jeremy Grant

- Financial Times (ft.com)